We are a new game design and publishing company focused on making "gateway games": games that are easy and fun for traditional boardgamers (e.g. Monopoly players), but interesting and strategic for serious gamers. At Knightweaver Games, we hope to draw J.Q. Public into the wider world of great games.

Latest news:

2/21/12: Though all has been quiet on my web announcements, all has not been quiet in my mad workshop. New games are coming, this time for your iPhone. Yes, I have embarked on a new adventure with 4 buddies to start a iPhone game company. Check out our Kickstarter project to learn more details (and help us bring this idea to fruition)!

1/5/11: What a great 4th quarter we had with Patchwork! We sold all but 4 boxes of games. Now the focus shifts to Gamewright and their rebranding of Patchwork as FlipOut (Here's a link to their webpage). We have new games on the drawing board, so check back for updates on their progress to the market!

9/28/10: Autumn is finally upon us and the first snows are falling in the mountains. Here's to a great 4th quarter! Sales have been brisk, so if you're running low on stock, don't forget to re-order soon.

07/05/10: The ASTRA Marketplace show was fantastic! What wonderful fun to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. The big news at the show was that Patchwork was a finalist for the ASTRA Best for Kids award. Also, I was able to show off Gamewright's new packaging and let folks know that U.S. Games Systems, Inc. has licensed PatchWord.

04/21/10: Check out the new "how to play" videos on YouTube! My first attempt at a "training" video.
How to play Patchwork
How to play PatchWord

04/10/10: The Western States Show was another great event! We are now in over 150 stores in about 40 states and the word of mouth is starting to take hold. What fun!

03/20/10: Happy Spring everyone! We are going to be showing at the Western States Toy and Hobby show next week, and we have picked up our first sales rep! Sales have been steady and brisk since ToyFair - keep up the good word everyone.

03/01/10: Holy Moley! I can't believe that I have let so much time slip by without an update on the main page. The NY ToyFair was amazing and I have begun adding all the new stores on the "Where to buy page". More coming soon.

1/19/10: Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I posted to this little blog! Happy New Year! Check out this TDMonthly review which includes a good video about the game: Watch TDmonthly Video

11/29/09: What a great time we had the TAGIE and ChiTAG last week. I met some wonderful people, played lots of games, and had a great show! I'm going to write up a "trip report" on my Facebood page.

11/17/09: Patchwork won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award! Ya-hoo!

11/16/09: Come see us at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair next week-end! Tell all your Chicago-based friends.

10/8/09: The second printing of Patchwork has arrived and looks great!

9/8/09: The first printing of Patchwork is almost sold out! I have just 7 unclaimed cases from the first print run (not to worry, there's a second print run on the way). Who's ready for a great 4th quarter?!

9/1/09: The GoogleCheckout special has ended. Thanks for everyone that ordered!

8/11/09: GoogleCheckout Back-to-School special: Get $5 off purchases of $30 or more (before shipping and tax) with Google Checkout.Limit 1 discounted shopping cart per customer. Offer runs through Sept. 1st.

8/9/09: Check out the shiny new website!

8/6/09: Patchwork was just honored with an iParenting Media Award, "2009 Outstanding Products"

8/3/09: Wow, I can't believe it's been a month since I updated this blog. I'm been booking and shipping orders like crazy. The first printing of Patchwork is almost sold out and I'm booking the second printing today! Thanks to everyone that's playing!

7/9/2009:  We were featured in the Denver Post today!  Check it out: Boulder inventor is on top of his games

6/20/2009: Become a Facebook Fan of Patchwork, PatchWord, and Knightweaver Games:

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6/20/2009: Google is moving this webpage to a new technology soon, so if the "Buy" links stop working that's the reason why.

6/19/2009: We had a great show at ASTRA!  We sold over 500 games and have added more than 30 retailers.  I have my work cut out for me processing all those orders and shipping the games, but check back to see what retailers have been added in your area.

6/5/2009: Yahoo!  We have been awarded a Dr. Toy 2009 Best Vacation Products award!  There will be a press release coming soon, but I just got the message!

5/21/2009: We are exhibiting at the ASTRA Marketplace in St. Paul, June 14-17.  Come see us at Table#8 and play to win an iPod nano!

5/10/2009: We have partnered with Discovery Games, one of the leading game promoters in the industry.  They will be presenting Patchwork and PatchWord at their booth at ASTRA as well.

5/1/2009: We've got 2 new retailer in Colorado this week!  Welcome Kazoo Toys, in Denver (map), and Dandelion Toys in Fort Collins (map).  Kazoo has a slick webstore as well where you can by Patchwork and PatchWord directly.

4/28/2009: Piccolo Mondo Toys in Portland, Oregon has joined the growing ranks of retailers - our first ex-Colorado retailer! (map)

4/10/2009: Stonebridge Games in Longmont has picked up Patchwork and PatchWord.  The support of the local retailers is great!  Chech them out (map)

4/3/2009: Knightweaver Games has joined ASTRA to further our knowledge and network with the game and toy industry.  Check them out:

3/30/2009: Crawdaddy's has joined the growing ranks of local retailers carrying Patchwork and PatchWord.  Check them out (map)

3/16/2009: The launch party was a great success!  Thanks to everyone that came.  Launch Party

3/14/2009: Patchwork and PatchWord launch party is today at Maestro's.  Come join the fun!

3/12/2009: We have our third retail placement! Playfair Toys (map)

3/8/2009: We have our second retail placement!  Karliquin's Game Knight (map)

3/1/2009 : Come join us for the official Patchwork and PatchWordproduct launch party : March 14th, 2009 2pm - 5pm at Maestro's Teaching Tools in Boulder, CO (map)

2/3/2009: We have our first retail placement!  Boulderites, you now can purchase Knightweaver Games at Maestro's Teaching Tools.(map)

1/30/2009: The games are selling - get your copies today! Check out the Patchwork™ and PatchWord™ FAQ's.

1/27/2009: Patchwork™ and PatchWord™ have arrived and are now available for purchase! 

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